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Hi! I'm Tim.

My name is Timothy Letkeman. However, I am also known by the username Tigpan. I am a primarily self-taught programmer; I first started with programs such as Scratch but eventually worked my way up to using C# with Unity as my first actual programming language. I am an experienced programmer, proficient in languages such as Python, C#, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, Rust, and many more.

Recently I have been working as a free-lance game developer, but for the last few years I have also privately tutored university level computer science students in languages such as Python, C#, C, MIPS Assembly, and Java. I am also quite interested in AI/ML and learned it by writing my own implementations of algorithms such as CNN, RNN, and Deep Q-Learning using C++ and CUDA (Nvidia's library for GPU computation in C++). Quite recently, I have also released my own commercial software on the Unity Asset Store; my first asset InteliMap also heavily utilizes machine learning as well. However, machine learning isn't my only field of interest; I am also quite interested in networking and cyber security. In my senior year of highschool, I designed, developed, and hosted a CTF hacking competition. It consisted of fifteen unique hacking-related challenges and a Python AI battle, where teams would submit their own AI for a small game to battle against other teams AI.

I greatly enjoy programming and learning more about it, and I am now hoping to continue developing and releasing my software. Thank you for visiting my website!

Featured Project:

InteliMap PRO